Armani/Privé Thé Yulong Soie de Nacre


Armani/Privé Thé Yulong Soie de Nacre

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Giorgio Armani


Discover Armani/Privé Thé Yulong Soie de Nacre, the perfect balance between the freshness of green tea and citrus, and the intensity of black tea and smoked woods, infused with silky-looking pearls to illuminate the skin.

Thé Yulong is a unique aromatic combination of black tea and green tea extracts that takes you on a sensory journey through one of the most renowned landscapes in the Yunnan region, the Yulong Mountains.

The fragrance absorbs all facets and contrasts of tea as black and green tea are brought into subtle contact. The black tea evokes the hazy Yulong Mountains while the green tea and sparkling citrus notes refresh the fragrance and evoke the snow-capped peaks that surround them. The combination results in a smoky, woody, yet fresh and citrusy fragrance.

While black tea brings the smoked facets, being more marked, almost woody, green tea, mandarin and lime essences transform the fragrance as the fusion bursts with freshness and life.


Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani


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