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Desire Extreme Dunhill

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Top Notes: Volcanic Red Orange, Bergamot, Saffron.
Heart Notes: Cypress, Clary Sage.
Base Notes: Amber Extreme, Leather, Vetiver Haiti, Patchouli Heart.

Cloak your skin in the seductive scent of Dunhill Desire Extreme Eau de Toilette. Adventurous yet classic, the quintessentially British brand pays homage to its rich heritage. With roots in the saddlery business, the brand is known for its luxury leather goods. Drawing inspiration from this signature material, the scent is dominated by a rich, leathery fragrance.

Opening with a potent blend of Volcanic Red Orange, invigorating Bergamot, and precious Saffron, the cologne takes the senses on an olfactive journey. Next, the eau de toilette dives into the rich heart notes, where Sage and Cypress begin to take centre stage. Finally, the fragrance dries down to the dark base notes, lingering on the skin with an earthy scent. Leather, Vetiver, Amber and Patchouli merge and mingle to create a traditionally masculine cologne, igniting the senses. Housed in a glass bottle, red-tinted to reflect the sense of passion central to the fragrance.





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